ABBYY's innovative solutions boost the effective use of information in organizations

Software such as FineReader 14®, FineReader Pro® and Finereader Server® (formerly ABBYY Recognition Server) help your customers to optimize business processes, reduce risk, accelerate decision-making, and increase revenue.

ABBYY® FineReader® 14 is an all-in-one PDF and OCR software application for increasing document productivity. It provides powerful tools for convenient work with both scanned paper documents and PDFs.

Key Features

Convert PDFs and Scans

Scan and convert documents in formats that can be edited and searched through. Prepare documents for long-term archiving.

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Edit and Comment PDFs

Edit and add comments to any kind of PDF, no matter whether they were scanned or created digitally. Merge documents with different formats.

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Compare Documents

Identify text changes in two versions of the same document - across multiple formats.

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Automate Conversion

Plan the automated conversion of batches of documents by using the Hot Folder tool.

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Convert PDFs and scans

Edit and comment PDFs


Convert PDFs and scans

Edit and comment PDFs

Compare documents

Automate conversion

  • Hot Folder
  • 5.000 pages/month, 2 cores

Volume Licenses

Multiple licenses for companies and organizations

Progressive volume discounts, network deployment, license management, and various license types to fit any infrastructure.

Volume Licensing for Businesses

ABBYY offers volume licenses at attractive discounts, enabling companies to equip more employees with productivity tools and streamline resource-intensive document tasks, cut costs and reduce the time spent by staff working with paper documents and PDFs.

Licensing Options

FineReader 14 offers simple and flexible licensing options to fit the requirements of business organizations as well as public and educational institutions.

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min. 5 licenses

min. 5 licenses

min. 5 licenses

min. 50 licenses


Multiple user license for local use on workstations

Terminal license for remote access to software from client computers

Network license, shared within a LAN, for local use on workstations

Open license for local use on workstations


Local or roll-out installation, single or multiple license keys

Installation on server, single license key

Roll-out installation, single or multiple license keys; License Manager tool on server

Roll-out installation, single license key


Licensed per workstation

Licensed per named user

Licensed per # of simultaneous users

Licensed per workstation


Number of users equal to number of licenses purchased

Number of users equal to number of licenses purchased

Number of users limited by the number of simultaneous users

Number of users equal to number of licenses purchased, separate written agreement necessary

ABBYY® FineReader Pro for Mac® is a powerful, professional OCR solution that has the sophistication and ease Mac users expect from their software. FineReader turns scans, PDFs and digital photos into editable formats, searchable PDFs and e-book formats. With unmatched OCR accuracy, time-saving task automation features and outstanding recognition and conversion capabilities, FineReader Pro for Mac eliminates retyping and reformatting. It fully reproduces the original layout of the document including headers, footers and tables of content.

Key Scenarios

Quickly update text in existing documents and PDFs.

Share scanned documents with improved visual quality.

Extract and quote text contained in paper documents and images.

Create e-books from printed books and articles for reading on portable devices.

Create searchable PDF archives of documents for storing and retrieving information.

Access paper and scanned documents with text-to-speech tools.

ABBYY® Finereader Server® is a powerful, server-based OCR solution for the automated conversion of large volumes of documents in various export formats (e.g. PDF, PDF/A, XML, Microsoft® Office files). It converts paper-based and digital input formats (e.g. documents from scanners, Microsoft® Office files, fax and e-mail servers as well as Microsoft® SharePoint® libraries) into searchable files. The software supports archive digitization, enhances Enterprise Search and helps preparing for E-Discovery. It comes with an integrated indexing function and barcode recognition.

Key Scenarios

Long-term storage and compliance

Employ a user-independent PDF converter with capability to create high-volume digital archives while also complying with government or corporate regulations.

Document conversion service for employees

Save time and money by connecting an entire company to the corporate document conversion service. Easy to use and manage, it works for any number of employees, with no additional training required.

Automated document conversion for digital forensics, DLP, eDiscovery

Use converted files in digital forensics, DLP, eDiscovery systems, and many other ways. Finereader Server can be customized and integrated into a wide range of solutions.

Digital libraries & reading heritage

Transform old or rare poor-quality documents into searchable, high-quality PDF, XML, or EPUB files. Digitize manuscripts printed in historical fonts and create a library to preserve cultural heritage using OCR server.


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ABBYY Finereader Server
Professional Edition

ABBYY Finereader Server
Extended Edition


Utilization as a stand-alone solution

Utilization as a stand-alone solution or integrated into other systems (via COM-based API, Web Service API, XML tickets)

Recognition of historical fonts


SharePoint connection


Licensing Options

for more info

License based on CPU core

Subscription license

Suitable for

regular, long-term document conversion requirements

entry-level projects; projects with an indefinite term and unknown document volumes

Defined via the

number of CPU cores, which center be used for document conversion

term: at least one year, extensions possible for periods of 12 months

Processing speed

dependent on the number of CPU cores

restricted to the performance of 2 CPU cores

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