Advanced Load Balancing Technology

jetNEXUS provides powerful, easy-to-use and cost effective application delivery solutions that mitigate the risk of downtime and address application performance issues for an outstanding user experience.

jetNEXUS ensures secure, reliable and scalable application delivery for internal and external web-sites and/or web-based applications. jetNEXUS accelerates and optimises applications through a variety of techniques including but not limited to compression, caching, protocol optimization and SSL-offload. Defined by its price:performance and ease-of-use, jetNEXUS technology reduces the number of required servers, provides application security protection and enables users to control their application traffic with a simple-to-use but powerful rule engine.

Why Choose jetNEXUS?

  • Essential network solution to ensure high availability and resilience for applications
  • Application acceleration for a superb end-user experience
  • Leading price / performance with advanced feature set and superb support
  • Incredibly easy-to-use with intuitive user interface and automatic configuration
  • Certified for core business applications such as Microsoft Lync & Exchange



HPE Certified Load Balancer

A First of its Kind: Fully Integrated HPE Load Balancer

Advanced load balancing and ADC technology on leading HPE servers. Industry standard servers to guarantee resiliency for mission critical applications.

  • All HPE Stack
  • Unrivalled power
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Unbeatable global support by HPE
  • 4h onsite fix
  • Incredible ease-of-use
  • For the most demanding workloads

Also available as flexible virtual appliance and for Microsoft Azure workloads.

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