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Who is Mindjet?

Mindjet is the parent company of MindManager, the global leader in mind mapping software, empowering individuals and organizations to improve the way they work. MindManager software provides a visual framework that works like a virtual whiteboard where you can capture your best thinking. MindManager enables brainstorming and creative problem solving, improves communication and information management, and gives users the ability to plan and complete projects more efficiently and effectively.

Millions of users and over 83% of the Fortune 100 use MindManager to enable creative brainstorming, increase productivity, improve project management, and enhance communication.

MindManager includes versions for both Windows and Mac. With MindManager you can:

  • Boost Productivity —Organize ideas and information in a single view so you can see connections and draw conclusions quickly.
  • Ensure Project Success — Get visibility into every aspect of your projects. Show the big picture and view the details in context.
  • Communicate More Effectively — Organize and present in a visual context to improve understanding and retention.

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MindManager 2017 is HERE to Inspire Creativity and Conquer Complexity!

Buy MindManager Now and Get the Upcoming MindManager 2017 for Windows when it's released.

The new MindManager 2017 for Windows will help share more and do more, with less effort. Buy MindManager today and get the new Windows version when it's released at no additional charge with the Mindjet Technology Guarantee.

MindManager 2017 for Windows will have the following new features:

  • Easy export of MindManager maps to a standard HTML5 format viewable in any web browser. Share maps, meeting notes, action items, and more
  • New integration capabilities mean you can share data between MindManager and over 700 applications, including Gmail, Trello, Slack, OneNote and more
  • New Timeline Layouts and templates let you easily illustrate product roadmaps, project milestones, and marketing layouts
  • Increase support for project planning and management with Critical Path Views
  • Enhanced diagram tools that simplify flowchart creation and increase process mapping efficiency
  • Simplified file management so you can quickly store, retrieve and share MindManager files
  • Over 600 new images to add visual impact to MindManager maps

Please visit the MindManager 2017 preview web page describing the new features

MindManager Enterprise

MindManager Enterprise offers powerful capabilities for coordinating projects and sharing knowledge across the organization. It combines Mindjet's leadership mind mapping and visual planning tools with patented data integration features, as well as flexible communication options.

MindManager Enteprise provides a smarter way for teams to collaborate. Brainstorming, organizing information, sharing knowledge, and planning projects with mind maps increases clarity and understanding.

With MindManager Enterprise, people across the organization can:

  • Share MindManager maps with anyone in the organization using the new MindManager Reader (available exclusively to MindManager Enterprise customers).
  • Create visual project plans that help the entire team get a clear understanding of goals, tasks, resources and timelines and share editable maps via Microsoft SharePoint. Because team members can make edits and add comments, MindManager Enterprise helps teams achieve alignment and accountability on deliverables.
  • Reduce Information overload using interactive information maps that consolidate files stored across SharePoint sites, as well as other content repositories and on the web. Organizing information by project, department or topic makes it easy for SharePoint users to quickly find the information they need to get work done.

MindManager Enterprise includes both desktop MindManager software and all necessary desktop and Microsoft SharePoint (2010 and 2013) server software to enable users to create and share MindManager maps and sync project tasks with SharePoint task management. Data can also be synchronized between MindManager and Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint.

The MindManager Reader is also included.

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